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Man walking down a gravel road with a woman, kissing her on the lips.

Finally getting the opportunity to meet with Alyssa and Jordan for their engagement session was such a treat! These two lovebirds are getting married in approximately one month at the beautiful Belgravia Manor. To say I am excited is surely an understatement!

You know the drill, we anxiously checked the weather leading up to their session and decided to pursue the shoot despite impending rain. We packed the cars with clear umbrellas and dreams of sunshine. To our surprise, the slightly overcast skies were exactly what we envisioned for this soft, almost fall-like shoot.

There were endless laughs and sweet chats about the upcoming nuptials. We even slipped baby J into some of the photos when he wasn’t running around making friends with those who passed by.

The love these two share is absolutely evident and we cannot wait to photograph their gorgeous fall wedding in October! Until then, sharing a few of my favorites from their cozy and romantic shoot!

Three pictures side-by-side of a mom, dad, and young boy smiling at the camera.
Two photos side-by-side of a man and woman embracing on a gravel road. The man is gently kissing the woman's forehead in one photo, while both are looking at the camera and smiling in the second photo.
Man and woman kissing on a gravel, tree-lined road.
Man and woman smiling at the camera while standing on a gravel road.
Man and woman holding hands and smiling at the camera.
Man and woman kissing while standing on a gravel road.
Woman embracing man and smiling at the camera while resting her hand on man's shoulder.
Man and woman standing on gravel road.
Woman standing on gravel road and looking at camera while gently touching her shirt.
Man and woman embracing as they stand in front of large building.
Man and woman embracing and kissing as they stand in front of large building.
Man and woman kissing in front of large building.
Man, woman, and young boy embracing and smiling at the camera as they stand in front of large building.
  1. Diana Crider says:

    Beautiful pictures of our granddaughter, grandson in law to be and our precious great grandson. 😊

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