Combs Sylvanside Farm Family Session| Megan Weckter Photography | NOVA Photographer

Father, mother, and daughter holding hands and smiling as they walk down a gravel road.

I have been eagerly waiting for this family session for months! When approached by our dear friends for updated family photos, Zach and I knew that we wanted to make the session extra special. So we packed up the car and headed to the beautiful Slyvanside Farm in Purcellville.

For anyone that hasn’t yet been to Sylvanside, this 25-acre working farm has it all – open fields with stunning views, two gorgeous barns, a pond, floral gardens, and even private cottages.

Although it was a slightly humid evening (we were dodging a few thunderstorms), this sweet family session was a blast! We listened to Hannah’s stories and laughed at her crazy dances; we met two adorable pups who were beyond happy to greet us; and we watched the sun set behind a field at the end of the long, gravel drive.

Here are just a few of our favorites from this wonderful session.

Two images side-by-side. First image is an old wooden shed backed up against tall pine trees. The second photo is a closeup of purple lavender in a field.
Pink flowers
Historical white manor house next to old wooden barn and tall pine trees.
Two pictures side-by-side. The first picture shows an old wooden barn in the background with orange tiger lilies in the foreground. The second photo shoes mother and father standing and smiling in front of old barn.
Father, mother, and young daughter standing together in gravel roadway and smiling at camera. They are surrounded by pink flowers and green trees.
Three photos side-by-side. First photo is of a young girl hugging her father in the road and smiling at camera. Second photo is a closeup of the same young girl playing and smiling. The third photo is of the young girl hugging her mother and smiling at the camera.
Photograph of a young blonde girl standing next to white picket fence and pink flowers. She has her hand on her waist and is smiling at the camera.
Two photos side-by-side. Young girl in cream shirt smiling at camera. The second photo is a white picket fence with pink flowers.
Father, mother, and young girl standing together in a gravel road smiling at the camera. A cream cottage with a white picket fence is next to them.
Father and mother kissing young daughter on the cheek.
Young girl standing in gravel road way laughing.
Two photos side-by-side. Left photo is a woman and man embracing and looking into each other's eyes. They are surrounded by pink flowers, a white picket fence, and green trees. The second photo is a woman and man sitting on stone steps and smiling at the camera.
Mother, young daughter, and father sitting on stone steps smiling at the camera. A small, cream cottage sits behind them.

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